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CAS-No. 108-94-1
EINECS-No. 203-631-1
Chemical formula: C6H10O

Trade name: Cyclohexanone

Synonyms: oxocyclohexane | pimelic ketone | ketohexamethylene | cyclohexyl ketone | ketocyclohexane | hexanon | Hydrol-O | Sextone | K | Anone
Application of the substance / the preparation: Solvents, paints and varnishes


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MSDS according 91/155 EEC (2001/58 EC)


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Information pertaining to particular dangers for man and environment:
R 10 Flammable.
R 20 Harmful by inhalation.

Classification system for Cyclohexanone:
The classification was made according to the latest editions of the EU-lists, and expanded using company data and specialized literature.

Additional information:
If heated above the flash point the vapours may form with air an explosive mixture.
Chemical characterization for Cyclohexanone
CAS No. Description: 108-94-1 cyclohexanone

Identification number(s):
EINECS Number: 203-631-1
EU Number:
General Information for Cyclohexanone
Form: Fluid
Colour: Colourless
Odour: like peppermint, Pungent

Change in condition
Melting point/Melting range: ca. - 26°C
Boiling point/Boiling range:
153 - 156°C
Flash point:
Self ingnition temperature: Product is not flammable.
Ignition temperature: 420°C
Danger of explosion: Product is not explosive. However, formation of
explosive air/vapour mixtures are possible.
Explosion limits:
Lower: 1.3 Vol %
Upper: 9.4 Vol %
Vapour pressure at 20°C: 5 hPa
Density at 20°C:
0.95 g/cm³

Solubility in / Miscibility with


80 g/l
Segregation coefficient (n-octanol/water): 0.81 log POW
Land transport ADR/RID (cross-border)
ADR/RID class: 3 (F1) Flammable liquids.
Danger code (Kemler): 30
UN-Number: 1915
Packaging group: III
Label: 3
Description of goods: 1915 CYCLOHEXANONE
Remarks: Limited quantity: 5l per inner packaging, 30 kg gross per packaging unit
Maritime transport IMDG:
IMDG Class: 3
UN Number: 1915
Label: 3
Packaging group:: III
EMS-Number: F-E,S-D
Marine pollutant: No
Proper shipping name: CYCLOHEXANONE
Lufttransport ICAO-TI und IATA-DGR:
ICAO/IATA Class: 3
UN Number: 1915
Label: 3
Packaging group:: III
Proper shipping name: CYCLOHEXANONE
Remarks: Packing Instructions:
For Limited Quantities: Y309 (Max Net Qty/Pkg: 10 l)
Passenger and Cargo Aircraft: 309 (Max Net Qty/Pkg: 60 l)
Cargo Aircraft only: 310(Max Net Qty/Pkg: 220 l)
Markings according to EC guidelines:
The product has been classified and marked in accordance with EU Directives / Ordinance on Hazardous Materials

Risk phrases:
10 Flammable.
20 Harmful by inhalation.

Safety phrases:
25 Avoid contact with eyes.

National regulations:

Information about limitation of use:

Employment restrictions concerning pregnant and lactating women must be observed.
Restrictions on juvenile employment must be observed.

Technical guidance (air):
C l a s s  S h a r e  i n %
NK          100.0

Water hazard class: Water hazard class 1 (Assessment by list): slightly hazardous for water.

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