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Melamine is a white, crystalline powder and is being produced from Urea. We deliver Melamine in all standard packings and in Silo-trucks. Its be used in making synthetic resins like melamine resin.

CAS-No. 108-78-1
EINECS-No. 203-615-4
Chemical formula: C3H6N6

Synonym: Cyanurtriamide, 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-triamine | 2,4,6-Triamino-s-triazine | Cyanurotriamide | Cyanurotriamine | Cyanuramide
Uses/applications: Melamine resins, Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde resins (MUF), Flame retardants, Concrete plasticizers, Leather tanning


Product CodeQualityPacking UnitSpec SheetInquiry
12000 min. 99.8 % 1000 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12001 min. 99.8 % loose in Silo-truck PDF Symbol Contact
12002 min. 99.8 % 25 kgs bags PDF Symbol Contact
12003 min. 99.8 % 750 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12004 min. 99.8 % 500 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12005 min. 99.8 % 800 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12007 min. 99.8 % 475 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12009 min. 99.8 % 1500 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact
12010 b-quality 1000 kgs big bags PDF Symbol Contact

MSDS according to GHS (1907/2006/EC, Article 31)                 

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MSDS according 91/155 EEC (2001/58 EC)


More information

Hazard description: not applicable

Information pertaining to particular dangers for man and environment:
No hazards to be particularly mentioned. Please note the information of this Material Safety Data Sheet.

Classification system for Melamine:
The classification was made according to the latest editions of the EU-lists, and expanded using company data and specialized
Chemical characterization for Melamine, Cyanurtriamide, 2,4,6-Triamino-1,3,5-Triazine:
CAS No. Description:
108-78-1 melamine

Identification number(s):
EINECS Number: 203-615-4
General Information for Melamine, Cyanurtriamide, 2,4,6-Triamino-1,3,5-Triazin:
Form: Crystalline powder
Colour: White
Odour: Weak, characteristic
Change in condition:
Melting point/Melting range: ~ 360°C
Boiling point/Boiling range: > 280°C
Flash point: > 280°C
Flammability (solid, gaseous) Product is not flammable.
Danger of explosion: Product is not explosive. However, formation of explosive air/dust mixtures is possible.
Density at 20°C: 1.57 g/cm3
Solubility in / Miscibility with
Water at 20°C: 3.1 g/l
Segregation coefficient (n-octanol/water): -1.14 log POW

Land transport ADR/RID (cross-border)
ADR/RID class: -
No hazardous good according to the regulation.

Maritime transport IMDG:

IMDG Class: No hazardous good according to the regulation.

Air transport ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR:

ICAO/IATA Class: No hazardous good according to the regulation.
Markings according to EC guidelines:
The product is not subject to identification regulations under EC Directives and the Ordinance on Hazardous Materials (GefStoffV).
Observe the general safety regulations when handling chemicals

National regulations

Water hazard class: Water hazard class 1 (Self-assessment): slightly hazardous for water.

Hazard description

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