Sebacic Acid

Product details

Sebacic acid is a homogenous dicarboxylic acid and a derivative of castor oil. Sebacic acid are used for plasticizer for synthetic material and as intermediate for nylon.
We offer it as pearls and powder.
Synonym: 1,8-Octanedicarboxylic Acid
CAS-No. 111-20-6
EINECS-No. 2038455
Uses/applications: Raw material for plasticizers (Sebacate), Synthetic resins, Polyamide, lubricants, etc.


Product CodeQualityPacking UnitSpec SheetInquiry
12135 Pearls 25 kgs bags contact
12137 Pearls 500 kgs big bags contact
12139 Pearls 750 kgs big bags contact
12141 Pearls 1000 kgs big bags contact
12142 Powder 25 kgs bags contact