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We have been providing our customers with high quality products and an extensive service worldwide for over 25 years. During this time, we developed innovative solutions to react flexible to changes on this constantly changing market and to be able to deliver products with the highest quality on time. This is why we took over different parts of our logistics by ourselves.

To satisfy our customers’ needs we guarantee service on an international scale. We have two more branches in China and Malaysia besides our german branch in Hamburg.

Proven in the past, prepared for the future

Based on our certified Quality Management System we choose our suppliers and service providers carefully to fulfil the legal requirements at any point. We are a competent and reliable Partner to our customers, and stand beside them to trade in chemicals.

Besides our distribution business, we have built up a very stable distribution with imported goods in the last years, enabling us to offer a broader range of products to our customers.

The cooperative partnership and long-time loyalty of our customers proofs our work and at the same time is an incentive to continue to develop and improve.

Dez. 6, 2021

Methanol: Contract price for delivery in December 2021: EURO 485,-/to, resulting...


Nov. 1, 2021

The contract price in Europe for deliveries of benzene in November 2021 was...


Nov. 1, 2021

Toluene: Contract price for delivery in November 2021:USD 875,-/to, which...


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Buying chemicals online worldwide

The chemical trade PENPET was founded in 1992. Till today it has developed from a family business to a middle-class company focused on the customer aim and to accomplish individual solutions.

Online chemical trade with tradition

PENPET provides all products according to your individual needs worldwide. Our Service is labled on very high quality and high flexibility.

Worldwide trade in chemicals

We want to provide the highest levels of customer service. Therefore we have two more branches in China and Malaysia besides our german branch in Hamburg, because to us an on time support is important as well.

Next to our main stock in Germany we have further stocks in Belgium, Holland and Italy which enables a fast and dependable delivery of our products.

Our Customers on focus
Also during the further development of our company our customers always stand in the first place. To us personal relationship to all our business partners is obvious.