Isotridecanol (ITDA)

Isotridecanol (ITDA) is an organic compound that belongs to the group of saturated fatty alcohols and is an important raw material for the production of plasticizers and surfactants. The substance is also used in the production of lubricants, cleaning agents and special esters for paints and varnishes. Isotridecanol is used as a fragrance in cosmetics.

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CAS no. 27458-92-0
EINECS no. 248-469-2
Molecular formula: C13H28O

Synonyms: ITDA, isotridecanol, 11-methyl-1-dodecanol, isotridecan-1-ol

Areas of application: Intermediate product for the production of surfactants, plasticizers, cleaning agents and lubricants, used as a fragrance in cosmetic products



More Information

Isotridecanol (ITDA) is a long-chain alcohol high molecular weight whose molecules consist of thirteen linked carbon atoms with the appropriate hydrogen ligands and one hydroxy group. This functional group is located on a terminal carbon atom of the substance. It gives the otherwise electrically non-polar isotridecanol a certain polarity which is locally limited and shapes its reaction behavior. The compound can enter into the typical reactions of alcohols. This includes esterification with a carboxylic acid and oxidation of the substance to form an aldehyde.

Due to its relatively large chain length, isotridecanol is hardly soluble in water, despite the polar hydroxy group. One of the carbon atoms of isotridecanol is attached to the rest of the molecule in the form of a methyl group. As a result, the substance has a terminal branch opposite the hydroxy group. To reflect this detailed structure, the compound is also referred to as 11-methyl-1-dodecanol.

Under normal conditions, isotridecanol (ITDA) is a colorless liquid with only a faint intrinsic odor. The compound boils when heated above 250 °C and solidifies at temperatures below the melting point of -60 °C.

Isotridecanol (ITDA) is a chemically stable substance that can be stored safely in a dry, cool and airtight place. The compound is flammable, but is difficult to ignite. During combustion or thermal decomposition of the substance, the harmful gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are produced.

Isotridecanol (ITDA) is a skin-irritating hazardous substance. Wetted parts of the body should be cleaned immediately with soap and water to avoid redness, irritation and burning pain. If symptoms persist or if the compound comes into contact with the eye, a medical examination must be arranged.

Isotridecanol is very toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. The substance, which is classified as clearly hazardous to water, must therefore not get into water, soil or wastewater. Any leakage of the compound into the environment must be reported to the local authorities.

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