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Epoxypropyl neodecanoate

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is a mixture of organic compounds belonging to the carboxylic acid esters. The substances are used in the chemical industry as reactive diluents for epoxy resins and as a component of epoxy coatings and alkyl resin applications. As a stabilizer, epoxypropyl neodecanoate strengthens, among other things, the chemical resistance, weather resistance and hardness of the end products. The mixture of substances is produced from neodecanoic acid and epichlorohydrin in large-scale processes.

At PENPET you get epoxypropyl neodecanoate of the highest quality - from a reliable partner who will also meet your requirements in the long term. We look forward to receiving your inquiry for an individual offer. The liquid mixture of substances can be delivered in packages with different weights.

CAS no. 26761-45-5
EINECS no. 247-979-2
Molecular formula: C13H24O3

Areas of application: Reactive diluent, stabilizer and component of epoxy coatings


More Information

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is an ester of various multi-branched neodecanoic acids. These consist of three interconnected alkyl chains with a total of nine carbon atoms and a carboxyl group, with different structural variants coexisting. These isomeric carboxylic acids are esterified to convert their carboxyl group to materials which form the epoxypropyl neodecanoate mixture. The molecules of the compounds are each made up of the corresponding carboxylic acid residue, the ester group and a cyclic epoxypropyl group.

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is a clear, yellowish liquid that has a high temperature stability. The different substances in the mixture do not change into the gaseous state until they are heated to over 310 °C. Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is not soluble in water. In contrast, the substance mixture is highly soluble in many organic solvents.

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is chemically very stable and can be stored safely if stored as intended. However, contact with acids and strong oxidizing agents can lead to violent and dangerous reactions. The mixture of substances is combustible. Irritant and noxious gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are released during the thermal decomposition or combustion of epoxypropyl neodecanoate.

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate can pose acute and long-term health hazards. The mixture of substances has a skin-irritating effect on contact and can cause redness, painful irritation and allergic reactions. Wetted parts of the body should be cleaned with soap and water and, if symptoms persist, should be examined by a doctor. Painful irritation can also occur in the eyes. After thorough rinsing under running water, an ophthalmological examination should be carried out immediately. Avoid inhaling or ingesting epoxypropyl neodecanoate. The mixture of substances is suspected of being able to damage the genome in the event of repeated or strong exposure and absorption.

Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is harmful to aquatic life and has been assessed as significantly hazardous to water. The compounds may therefore not be released into the environment. The local authorities should be informed of any leakage of large quantities of the mixture of substances into soil, waterways or sewage. Epoxypropyl neodecanoate is not subject to any special transport regulations.

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